We Are Outside Counsel

Business Law, White Collar Crime: Outside Counsel With A National Scope

At Sumner, Schick & Pace LLP, we serve as outside counsel for businesses spanning all sizes and industries. Located in Dallas, we are a premier resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs with legal proceedings in courts throughout north Texas and across the country.

We also represent select clients in matters involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and trusts and estates. Learn more about our areas of practice.

Thorough Preparation. Exceptional Knowledge. Accomplished Trial Lawyers.

Thorough, Exacting Case Preparation

How does a small firm fight and win on behalf of Fortune 500 clients? The moment you call, we begin working on your case by conducting an extensive review of the facts, stakes and witnesses. When our lawyers understand your business, we can help you make decisions that protect your business' present and safeguard its future.

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Representation On Your Behalf.

Unique Representation For Unique Businesses

Our clients are trailblazers and innovators - and we hold ourselves to the same high standard of creativity and flexibility. When our clients rely on us to save their businesses, minimize their risks or resolve a dispute swiftly and discreetly, that flexibility guarantees them a high level of attentive service and an energetic response to their concerns.

Our corporate attorneys have spent time at large, bureaucratic law firms. We prefer the agility and focus that come with a smaller practice, as do our clients.